Training for Muscle Tone Plan


This tailored plan is for people who do not want to build mass but simply want add strength and tone to their muscles. Targeting all muscle groups—each session doesn’t need to be longer than an hour. The plan can be used by both men and women.
You can use this plan in conjunction with your existing cardio…either after your workouts or on days off from this plan.

Nutrition Guide for Toning

1. It will be much more sensible to use a mirror as a guide rather than the weighing scales and ensure your overall appearance is one of health and vitality.It is not the usual end game of getting “shredded” as bodybuilders are required to do come competition time. Remember bodybuilders are required to “peak” at contest time and it is not a condition they can maintain for a considerable length of time.

2. Your nutritional logic should employ the 3 principal groups of foods- carbohydrates(both complex and fibrous) proteins, healthy fats, together with supplements essential for your needs. They exist in nature for a reason and we as humans have evolved to utilise them ,and we should do so intelligently as the situation warrants.

3. You as an individual is unique in the sense of the type of metabolism you possess together with the nature and degree of responses you are likely to experience when embarking on your plan. You must aim to “know thyself” in order to succeed. There is no greater experience than the knowledge gained through experimentation vis-a- vis trial and error.

4. There are thousands of eating plans and dietary plans out there being marketed more often than not seasonally – reaching its peak towards the summer period, yet does it not astonish you that nobody has yet found the “holy grail diet” which would serve as “the diet” to end all other diets???. We could join the band wagon and propose the “Pumpingfit diet” but we would only be fools to ourselves.

5. Basically ALL diets or eating plans must conform one way or another to one fundamental principle- In order to lose weight you must expend more calories than you are taking in. Probably one should also add that it is also very essential to trick your metabolism from time-to -time as the human body has this tendency to try to maintain an equilibrium. This explains why after some weeks of weight/fat loss it becomes much harder to sustain the momentum.

6. You should try to adopt an eating plan which uses ratios of carbs/protein /fats as a guideline and keep adjusting these ratios as circumstances permit. A favourite amongst some competitive bodybuilders is to set their protein intake at a constant and work their carbohydrate intake round this whilst keeping their saturated fat intake at a minimum. Hence you could hear folk talk about doing a 50/50 or a 60/40 or even 70/30 in favour of protein or as the case may be. In case you do not already know, carbs and protein caloric values per gram are 4 cals whilst fat is 9- so bear this in mind when calculating/planning your overall calorie intake.

7. Finally always remember that without drive, determination, patience,and consistency you will fail. There is no other way.