19th April 2014

Are You Growing Enough Muscle (part 2)

Bad Technique You’re doing the right exercises, but are you doing them right? If you want to place the maximum amount of stress on the muscle, […]
12th February 2012

Advanced Bodybuilding (Part 1)

Advanced BodyBuilding Part 1 Here we’re going to look at an advanced training program for the dedicated bodybuilder. You don’t have to be a professional gym […]
11th February 2012

Five Simple Steps To BodyBuilding

With a vast supply of bodybuilding advice available, it can be ever confusing deciding which advice to follow. Here we have devised a simple 5 step […]
28th January 2012

Video : Dayo Audi – No Pain, No Gain!

The most painful parts of preparing for a bodybuilding show! – Dayo Audi – www.dayoaudi.co.uk