10th May 2014

Dayo Audi : Enhancing the V-Taper

Enhancing the V- taper for added aesthetics- A surgical method of approach. The delt to waist measurement with increased dimensions of the former in relation to […]
9th July 2012

Training The Abdominal Muscles

Here’s the heads up on the abdominal muscles: what they are, where they are, how to train them, which exercises work best. The Abdominals Muscles: Three […]
22nd June 2012

Variations Of The Barbell Row

You will find few exercises that are quite as effective at working out your latissimus dorsi muscular tissues in addition to developing your back as the […]
21st June 2012

Get A Bigger & Curvier Butt

While some people want a smaller butt, some want one a little larger and more shapely, especially with the attention that celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce […]
23rd May 2012

Get Nice Muscle Tone & Build A Sexy Body

Generally everyone knows that they have to lift weight build muscles. However many would like to have nice muscle tone and a reasonable and not too […]