30th June 2013

Video : Training Legs Part 3

Bodybuilding champion & Krunch Gym owner Neale Cranwell trains legs with current UKBFF Bikini Athlete – Georgia B Simmons. Neale demonstrates some of his favourite training […]
15th September 2012

Video : Training Legs With Neale Cranwell

This workout is not for the faint hearted. Be prepared to train your legs hard!
4th August 2012

The Deadlift

The deadlift is mostly performed with a bar and plates or fixed barbell. Dumbbells can also be used but the effect is similar to the dumbbell […]
2nd August 2012

The Squat Exercise

The squat takes many forms including with dumbbells, barbells, bar and plates, a Smith machine, or even without equipment at all using your own body weight. […]
1st August 2012

Strong Legs & Hamstrings With Leg Curls

The leg curl is a basic “isolation” exercise targeting one or two muscle groups. You do it with a gym bench and apparatus with which you […]
27th June 2012

Lower-Body Training

I see plenty of men, especially younger men, who bulk up in the arms, chest and shoulders and just about forget about the legs and butt. […]
22nd May 2012

Video: Leg Training With The Smith Machine