18th June 2012

Lorna Mac's Blog : Week 4

After my weekend training with the awesome IFBB pro and Mr Universe Dayo Audi I have learnt a wealth of knowledge and realised I was over […]
22nd April 2012

Video : Abs Training

        1. We all have Abs, we are born with them. Some see them all year round, others only come contest time whilst […]
11th February 2012

Five Simple Steps To BodyBuilding

With a vast supply of bodybuilding advice available, it can be ever confusing deciding which advice to follow. Here we have devised a simple 5 step […]
31st January 2012

Video : Triceps Pushdown

  Demonstration courtesy of PumpingFit.com Expert, IFBB Pro & Mr Universe Dayo Audi – the key to building triceps is keeping the form with every rep, […]
28th January 2012

Video : Dayo Audi – NABBA World's 1996

28th January 2012

Video : Dayo Audi – Mr Universe 1996

28th January 2012

Video : Dayo Audi – No Pain, No Gain!

The most painful parts of preparing for a bodybuilding show! – Dayo Audi – www.dayoaudi.co.uk