11th August 2013

Don't Cut Your Fats

Fatty acids must be available in the body to create cholesterol, which is eventually converted to testosterone. If fat intake is too low, there won’t be enough fatty […]
7th November 2012

Dean's Tips For Cutting Fat

  1. Eat oranges instead of drinking OJ   2. Leave the skin on fruits when possible   3. Eat raw fruits instead of fruit juices […]
28th August 2012

Best Cardio For Fat Loss

The Great Debate The number one question most people have about cardio is, “What type of cardio is best for fat loss?” There are those that say […]
12th July 2012

Tips For Losing Weight

TIP 1: Cardio training Cardiovascular exercise is arguably the best way for you to burn fat. Even if you are eating the best diet possible, you […]
24th May 2012

Fat Burning – Your Weight is Not That Important

That’s correct folks. Your weight is not that important. Your body fat percentage is. What is body fat percentage? This is part of the composition of […]
22nd April 2012

Balancing Carbs In A Healthy Eating Plan

Carbohydrates are required by the body for energy. They can be split into complex carbs, such as bread, pasta, rice and potatoes, and simple carbs (sugars), […]