17th January 2013

Effective Tricep Exercises

Tricep Kick Backs: You can do this exercise whether or not you have a flat bench. The key is keeping your back straight at about a […]
17th January 2013

Effective Bicep Exercises

Bicep Curls: Standing with one leg in front of the other and knees slightly bent (safe lifting stance), face your hands away from you body. Curl […]
15th January 2013

Water Weight

Don’t weigh yourself the next day! How many times have you had one to many pieces of dessert only to feel you must weigh yourself the […]
15th January 2013

Nutrition Before Bed

Even though you can finally relax on your couch, it’s no reason to stop feeding your body nutrients. Schedule time for a healthy dinner and follow […]
11th December 2012


You already know it perks you up and improves focus, but it also has been found to support a boost in muscle strength, intensity and fat […]
7th November 2012

Walking The Treadmill

It’s amazing that so many people think that holding on whilst walking on the treadmill is the correct thing to do.  Think how ridiculous it would look if […]
7th November 2012

Dean's Tips For Cutting Fat

  1. Eat oranges instead of drinking OJ   2. Leave the skin on fruits when possible   3. Eat raw fruits instead of fruit juices […]
7th November 2012

Be Organised With Your Training

Be organized. Which muscle (group) would you like to train today or tomorrow? It’s smart to plan when you train all the muscle groups of your […]
30th September 2012

Tips From Celebrity Trainer Dean Ash

EATING A GOOD PRE WORKOUT MEAL The best thing to consume before a workout is a meal consisting of slow burning carbs such as pasta and […]