17th January 2013

Effective Tricep Exercises

Tricep Kick Backs: You can do this exercise whether or not you have a flat bench. The key is keeping your back straight at about a […]
17th January 2013

Effective Bicep Exercises

Bicep Curls: Standing with one leg in front of the other and knees slightly bent (safe lifting stance), face your hands away from you body. Curl […]
15th January 2013

Nutrition Before Bed

Even though you can finally relax on your couch, it’s no reason to stop feeding your body nutrients. Schedule time for a healthy dinner and follow […]
11th December 2012

Must Do Lift Exercise : Front Squat

Front squats make you a better overall lifter and athlete. Because the weight is held at the front of your body rather than behind your neck, […]
2nd December 2012

Boost Your Energy With Nutrition

If you’re waking up to the same old meal every day and then routinely crashing by mid-afternoon, consider a breakfast reboot. To add fiber and carbs, top […]
7th November 2012

Be Organised With Your Training

Be organized. Which muscle (group) would you like to train today or tomorrow? It’s smart to plan when you train all the muscle groups of your […]
28th October 2012


You must use your power of focus when you are training, and always focusing on your goals and objectives! This mental tool must be used when […]
17th October 2012

Tips To Improve Your Strength On The Bench Press

Tip #1 – Row The Bar Row the bar? Yes, row the bar. Row the bar towards yourchest. We all know that keeping a tight back […]
14th October 2012

Training For A Better Physique

Use Compound Lifts: Utilizing multi-joint movements such as bench presses, pullups, rows, shoulder presses, squats and leg presses in your routines will ensure you are hitting […]