31st January 2012

Sacrifices In Bodybuilding

For years, I’ve analysed, witnessed and appreciated, as a fan, the key sacrifices professional men and women make in the sport  of bodybuilding. What I understood […]
31st January 2012

Video : Triceps Pushdown

  Demonstration courtesy of PumpingFit.com Expert, IFBB Pro & Mr Universe Dayo Audi – the key to building triceps is keeping the form with every rep, […]
28th January 2012

Video : Dayo Audi – NABBA World's 1996

28th January 2012

Video : Dayo Audi – Mr Universe 1996

28th January 2012

Video : Dayo Audi – No Pain, No Gain!

The most painful parts of preparing for a bodybuilding show! – Dayo Audi – www.dayoaudi.co.uk
26th January 2012

My Guiding Principles of Weight Training

Strength without control is meaningless in constructive weight-training. Weight-lifting should be the means, weight-training the end and not the other way around. Avoid over-training in sets and reps and […]
14th January 2012

Beth's Blog : Muscle Building Nutrition Tips

Following on from my last Blog, to continue building muscle through added Cardio, your nutrition must also be right! Eating a lot isn’t enough. You have […]
9th January 2012

Beth's Blog : Eat Fat, Get Lean & Keep Your Muscle

I hope you are all back in the swing of exercise regime grafting away at that beach body! Here are a few tips if you are […]
5th January 2012

Bodybuilding, Fitness & Sex

Does sex or the lack of it affect a bodybuilders training and dieting, which in turn can potentially hamper their physique and potentially doing well in […]