19th June 2012

Good Bodybuilding Diets

It never ever ceases to amaze me how eager bodybuilders are to get meaningful final results swiftly. They’re so eager that they end up listening to […]
18th June 2012

Lorna Mac's Blog : Week 4

After my weekend training with the awesome IFBB pro and Mr Universe Dayo Audi I have learnt a wealth of knowledge and realised I was over […]
13th June 2012

5 Supplements That Play A Major Role

Sports and bodybuilding puts the body in a very stressful situation that creates a need for supplements to harness its ability to function efficiently. With maximum […]
7th June 2012

Fitness & Bodybuilding – Any Woman Can Do It!

The challenge for female fitness and bodybuilding is that, well, it doesn’t seem quite the feminine thing to do to lift weights and look muscular. ‘It’s […]
5th June 2012

Lorna Mac : Her Journey

Follow Lorna Mac as she aims to compete for the first time in 2013! Her official blog page is here: https://www.pumpingfit.com/category/lorna-macs-blog/
5th June 2012

Lorna Mac's Blog : Week 1

Saturday:  Shoulder smash – trained with Neale Cranwell at Krunch Gym blasting the three parts of the shoulders front, back and sides (sounds like a haircut, […]
5th June 2012

Secrets to Fast Muscle Growth

Well as many would believe there is a holy grail out there with a magic pill that gives you 20 pounds of muscle mass in two […]
4th June 2012

Natural Bodybuilding : A Complete System

Natural bodybuilding, whether you are a beginning bodybuilder or a seasoned pro requires that your bodybuilding program is a complete system. You simply cannot build masses […]
4th June 2012

Traditional v Modern Bodybuilding Principles

Traditional bodybuilding emphasized on taking a disciplinary approach to bodybuilding. On the contrary, modern bodybuilding does not pay much attention to those aspects that distinguish it […]