18th July 2012


You need to work hard to get results in weight training. Those goals might be strength, muscle or weight loss. If you’ve been working out for […]
17th July 2012

Lorna Mac’s Blog : Week 8

Saturday 9th July I was training with Neale Cranwell at Krunch blasting arms, he showed me some awesome ways to get the blood pumping through my arms and […]
9th July 2012

Lorna Mac’s Blog : Week 7

As I love tuna I been on the hunt for other dishes to experiment in order to make my foods interesting and flavoursome, let’s face it […]
4th July 2012

The Triceps Extension "Skullcrusher"

Extending the arms by flexing and extending the elbow joint in a rear or overhead motion while holding dumbbells or barbells or a weighted cable is […]
1st July 2012

The Bench Press

The bench press builds the muscles of the chest as well as the triceps of the back of the arms and the front deltoid shoulder muscles. […]
1st July 2012

Lorna Mac’s Blog : Week 6

I have been experimenting with different foods and have found a new obsession – HONEY.. I have been eating this with foods pretty much every day […]
30th June 2012

The Tricep Pushdown

The triceps pushdown is one of the best exercises for triceps development. Variations include grip position and a rope handle instead of the horizontal bar. Done […]
29th June 2012

The Bicep Curl

The biceps curl is another highly recognizable weight training exercise working the muscles of the upper arm, the biceps, and to a lesser extent, the lower […]
28th June 2012

Weight Training Success

We all reach that stage in our exercise lives at some stage. It just seems that nothing much extra happens — no more fat loss or […]