21st April 2016

Baris Talks : Why I've Decided To Blog

So here it is – it’s only taken me six odd years since PumpingFit.com was launched to finally decide to publish my own personal blog. So […]
17th September 2014

Serene Husseini – Competition Prep and the Aftermath

Are you Prepared? Hey guys, apologies for the delay in getting posts out. Running the gym, training clients, dishing out nutrition advice and prepping for competition […]
2nd June 2014

Serene Husseini : Eat To Cheat

As my competition date gets closer and the diet is more restricted, my weekly cheat meal becomes a big deal. In the final weeks of prep, […]
29th April 2014

Serene Husseini : It’s Only Me…

Hello and welcome to my blog! This is my very first entry so thought I would use it to explain a little bit about myself, where […]
24th June 2012

Lorna Mac’s Blog : Week 5

First week of my new training and diet plan which is a lot different from what I usually stick to and really wasn’t sure how i […]
5th June 2012

Lorna Mac : Her Journey

Follow Lorna Mac as she aims to compete for the first time in 2013! Her official blog page is here: https://www.pumpingfit.com/category/lorna-macs-blog/