19th July 2012

Free Desktop Wallpapers Of Our Expert Panel

Free desktop backgrounds and wallpapers for your PC, Laptop, iPad or Phone. All wallpapers are official photographs of our Expert Panel – many of the photographs have been taken and […]
19th January 2012

Beth's Blog : Step Away From The Gym

I fancied a change in training today, away from the Gym! So I decided to pair up with my Medicine ball and head to the park […]
14th January 2012

Beth's Blog : Muscle Building Nutrition Tips

Following on from my last Blog, to continue building muscle through added Cardio, your nutrition must also be right! Eating a lot isn’t enough. You have […]
14th January 2012

How Cardio Can Boost Muscle Gain

Some people are afraid of cardio because they think that it will munch on their muscle and they will shrink! Done effectively this will not be […]
9th January 2012

Beth's Blog : Eat Fat, Get Lean & Keep Your Muscle

I hope you are all back in the swing of exercise regime grafting away at that beach body! Here are a few tips if you are […]
3rd January 2012

Beth's Blog : January Scales

    Who’s feeling slightly on the lazy large size after Christmas?….. Stats show that we pack an average of 1.5lb of fat over the Christmas […]
2nd January 2012

Beth's Blog : 8 Motivational Tips

      Below are some motivational tips to keep you going over the Christmas period 🙂 .. and to help you into the new year! […]
19th December 2011

Beth's Blog : Supersets

      Another way to shorten your workouts but also have more effective ones! – Supersets! HOW TO SUPERSET – Perform two different exercises, back […]
14th December 2011

Boost Your Immune System

      Prevent yourself catching those horrible germs flying around! I am tackling mine well using all of these 6 useful tips: SLEEP – You […]