6th May 2014

Beef & Bean Burrito With Lime Yoghurt

This high packed protein recipe cuts out all the unnecessary fats without compromising on the flavour. INGREDIENTS The Tortillas: 100g/3½oz plain flour, plus extra for dusting […]
22nd November 2013


For many, the sizzle of grilling beef is the sound of celebration. For athletes and weight trainers, it’s also the sound of protein on the way. […]
27th July 2012

Lean Meats

Protein requirements feature strongly in weight training and bodybuilding circles, and there’s little doubt that adequate protein, plus a bit more, is required by all active athletes. […]
6th June 2012

Braised BBQ Beef Sandwich

INGREDIENTS One 3-pound chuck roast, rinsed and dried 2 medium onions, chopped 1 Tbsp olive oil 1 28-ounce can whole tomatoes (preferably plum tomatoes) 1 18-ounce […]