At ultralife we’re proud of what we do – that is, bringing positive health and lifestyle changes to the masses.

Therefore we want you to know as much about us as we can tell you, to know we care about what we do. Because we make looking after your health easy!

It’s no secret that as a nation we aren’t nearly as healthy as we were a generation ago. Today, one in five of us are obese and the incidences of diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer and heart disease are rapidly increasing.

Even if we think we are eating the right foods, outside influences such as freshness of produce, pollution, pesticides and preservatives mean that the quality of nutrients it provides falls short of the standard we require for optimum nutrition.

Ultralife understand it can be daunting knowing which of the vast array of products on the market to choose from and how to take them. At ultralife we believe in keeping things simple, first we split the nutritional supplement industry into key areas; cleansing, nourishment, protection and weight management; then we developed a range of innovative nutritional supplements and health foods containing the optimum levels of the highest quality ingredients to completely meet the needs of each individual.

All current ultralife products are taken as easy-to-mix, delicious drinks or shakes, so your body can absorb the nutrients faster and more efficiently than taking them in tablet or capsule form. To further enhance absorption (bioavailability) we have added Bioperine®, a patented bioavailability enhancer derived from black pepper clinically proven to improve absorption by up to 60% to guarantee maximum results.