For over 25 years we’ve endeavoured to spread the culture of healthy living and good shape around the world. Find out who we are and what the Wellness Company means.

We think, plan and realize innovative systems for both a physical and psychological Well-being and for the improvement of people’s quality of life, through physical activity, a good diet and correct habits, to prevent the main pathologies derived from sedentary lifestyles.

Every product developed by Technogym® originates from in-depth scientifc research in the fields of health and Wellness.
A dedicated Technogym staff, along with medical professionals, researchers and academics, investigates and creates solutions to help people live healthier lives through exercise.

Wellness Lifestyle in your own home
A great athlete in full flight is an impressive sight.
In the same way, a Technogym® product impresses with its soft shape, refined color combinations and elegant finishing touches.
In both cases, a spectacle of pure aesthetics, that speaks of solid inner beauty: the beauty that comes from style.
More than 20,000 owners of Technogym® equipment have already brought this prodigious synthesis of form and content into the most exclusive residences in the world: the most beautiful houses, the most elegant lofts and the most prestigious yachts.

A Technogym® product fits naturally in your home: it will seem like it has always been there because its particular design adapts to any style of interior.
A Technogym® product fits intelligently into your home: it offers you all the expertise developed for the best fitness clubs in the world, concentrated into a convenient, compact space.