Looking for top notch American brands like Applied Nutriceuticals, AI Sports Nutrition, Levrone Formula and Cytosport?

You have come to the right place. We have these brands and, more important, we have the customer service to match them.

Well, when it comes to Applied Nutriceuticals and AI Sports Nutrition, we got products they don’t even have. Well, they actually they do… but they only ship them to us. Another reason? How about shipping time? We ship from The Netherlands to each country in Europe in just 1-3 days. No customs. No delays.Want one more reason? Because we highly appreciate your business!

NutriMinds was founded in 2007. As European partner of Applied Nutriceuticals we quickly expanded beyond the Dutch borders. in 2010 we added Levrone Formula, AI Sports Nutrition and Cytosport and moved to a new warehouse. We now supply gyms, health clubs, retail stores, online stores, wholesalers and distributors across all of Europe.