At Myprotein®, we know from first-hand experience that nutrition isn’t a case of one size fits all. Each of us is unique and just like personal training, our nutrition should be tailored to fit our very own personal circumstances. From innovative flavouring of supplements to making massive savings when buying in bulk, we give you the choices so you never have to compromise on your nutrition, or your goals. The growing MP community includes everyone from beginners to elite athletes, so make sure you choose Myprotein and make your nutrition personal!

We buy in bulk, manufacture in-house₂ and sell direct online. Simply put, we cut out the middle men so you can buy the finest nutrition at the lowest possible prices. If you want even greater discounts, you can buy in bulk. It’s up to you!

We pride ourselves on the taste of all our flavoured supplements. Each product goes through rigorous trials and is personally taste tested by us until it’s just right. If you want to customise your own supplements, there’s always our MP Flavouring system.

We constantly search for the latest natural ingredients and insist on the highest quality across all our products. Myprotein is certified to ISO9001 by SGS, a UKAS accredited company, as well as being an online supplier for Kre Alkalyn®, Chocamine®, PeptoPro® and Creapure®.