Monkey Nutrition sports supplements have been developed and formulated by a large team of Biochemists and Nutritional experts, as well as our own personal trainers, nutritionists and dietitians. The result is a range of superb products and a vital source of information, enabling you to achieve the physique you are looking for.

Monkey Proteins
Our proteins are manufactured by an expert team who can boast the best selling protein in the USA, they are definitely the most amazing tasting, highest quality proteins on the planet! Hardly any brand out there can match our stats of Zero fat, Zero sugars and Zero cholesterol, while providing such a broad spectrum of amino acids, 26 high quality grams of protein and an out of this world taste, all in just one 30g scoop!

Monkey proteins are sweetened with stevia rather than sugars or artificial sweeteners, which as well as earning them the ‘All Natural’ tag, means they have no negative effect on blood glucose levels! As far as we are concerned, Monkey proteins are by far the most superior, stand alone product to hit the supplement industry since time immemorial!