Recognised around the world as innovators in whey protein processing, our parent company Carbery was one of the first to market whey proteins commercially over 30 years ago. And as a Kinetica customer, you’ll benefit from our expertise in dairy protein and flavour engineering. We’re proud to say that the Kinetica sports nutrition range contains Carbery’s own high-quality whey proteins, generated from fresh dairy whey at one of Europe’s largest cheese facilities. So when it comes to providing quality whey-based protein supplements, there’s no contest. And with full control over our whey “from the cow to the can”, all our products are of the same high quality.

With a dedicated team in Ireland, the UK, the USA, Thailand and Brazil, our sister company Synergy Flavoursalso makes a vital contribution to the Kinetica range, making sure that these powerful supplements are every bitas tasty as they are effective.

Kinetica supplements have been specifically developed to quickly provide superior levels of the necessary nutrients to your body before, during and after exercise. This helps make sure you get the most from your sessions, whether you focus mainly on gym work, running, cycling, team training or anything else.To give you the maximum advantage at all times, our products combine three distinct forms of protein, each with their own benefits:Whey protein hydrolysates Whey protein isolate  Biotein™ Xtreme whey protein concentrate blend

Kinetica sports supplements are made up of lots of naturally-occurring nutritional ‘building blocks’ (protein, carbohydrates, creatine, taurine, etc.), combined to help you maximise the benefits of your training schedule.