4th August 2012

The Deadlift

The deadlift is mostly performed with a bar and plates or fixed barbell. Dumbbells can also be used but the effect is similar to the dumbbell […]
2nd August 2012

The Squat Exercise

The squat takes many forms including with dumbbells, barbells, bar and plates, a Smith machine, or even without equipment at all using your own body weight. […]
26th June 2012

Challenge Your Training Routine

Are you stuck in a workout rut? If you’re bored with your routine, hitting the weight loss wall or just plain losing interest in exercise, you […]
21st June 2012

Get A Bigger & Curvier Butt

While some people want a smaller butt, some want one a little larger and more shapely, especially with the attention that celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce […]
14th November 2011

Run-away success or just running?

Why do so many gym-goers head instinctively for the treadmill? Is it because they want to improve their aerobic ability? Sometimes. Because they envy the carcass-with-lungs […]
10th November 2011

High Intensity Training : An Introduction

The debate over whether HIT (High Intensity Training) or volume training is better is one of the fiercest in bodybuilding. It has been raging for decades […]
10th November 2011

Build A Better Body From Home

Just because you struggle to get to the gym everyday, cant afford the membership fees or just simply hate being there, that doesn’t mean you can’t […]
9th November 2011

An Injury Setback? – Be Positive & Strong!

Picture the scene – you’ve worked so hard to make big gains on your training. You see the amazing progress you are making. The results speak […]
7th November 2011

Beth's Blog : What Tunes Get You Motivated?

Afternoon guys, I hope all of you who attended the Body Temple open day at the weekend enjoyed, and I hope it was a great success! […]